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    Ruytter Mendonça

      Hey guys.


      I'm having some trouble with this function.


      The thing is that i have a budget table that the records are made by start and end date.

      So, it's like this:

           Product      Start Date     End Date     Value

           Product A     201301          201307     1000


      and i would like to make a table like this:

           Product         Date        Value

           Product A     201301      1000

           Product A     201302      1000

           Product A     201303      1000

           Product A     201304      1000

           Product A     201305      1000

           Product A     201306      1000

           Product A     201307      1000


      I know that autogenerate probably will do the trick but i just don't know how to do it.

      So, can anyone help me out?


      PS: Did i posted in the right place?