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    simple if/then display wanted

      How can I create an if/then query/answer so that when I put in a low temp it find's the historical average load associated with that low temp.  In excel I have charted the trend for each winter month and found the corresponding average load delivered to the specified area tied to each low temp.  In addition to displaying the graph/table in QV (this I know how to do) I want a simple querie box with a place where the low temp can be entered and the corresponding load for that specific low temp pops up next to it.  I think this will be an input box but not sure (I'm still in the learning process). I have already loaded in the data (inline) and can make pivot table as well as list boxes for the low temps and the avg loads for each month.  My main computer experience has been in excel and am new to QV and so am stumbling with understanding of best way to get this result.