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    Can popup definitions be created on pivot table expressions?

      Hello All,


      New member her, but have been using this site as a resource for a long time, everyone has helped me so much more than they realize. I do have a problem that I've been trying to solve for a while now, and can't seem to get it. Is there a way to have a hover-over popup on the expression title to explain some conditional formatting?


      For instance, for inventory days of coverage, i have it conditionally formatted to turn orange if a particular warehouse is sitting on more than three days of coverage and to turn red if it is sitting on less than 1 shift's worth of production. I'm frequently asked though, "what does red and green mean?" Is there a way i can add in a popup so that when it is hovered over, it will say something along the lines of;

      Orange = >3 days inventory

      Red = <1 shift of production


      i have attached a QV(current) and XL(goal) view, incase i'm not clear here.


      Thanks in advance!