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    Limited load check IsLimitedLoad() ?

    Ismail Baygin

      Hi Guys,

      I'm wondering if we can check the current reload is limited load in script pane when we execute a limited load?

      After i pull data from db, i store my table into a qvd, but i want to prevent storing qvd process when i execute a limited load?

      I need a statement like IsLimitedLoad() .

      Is there a way that you may suggest?



        • Limited load check IsLimitedLoad() ?
          Ismail Baygin

          I found a way by myself utilizing a dummy table which has 1000 rows of autogenerated numbers.

          Before storing tables into qvds, i check the size of this table using a simple if-then-else statement. if the size is equal to or below 10, i do not let STORE commands execute. Since this dummy table is also affected and narrowed down in row count during a limited load, this would help me a lot. Of course loading more than 10 records will not be considered as a limited load in this script but we mostly use 10 records as default.

          ROWCOUNT: load iterno() as row autogenerate(1) while iterno() <=1000;

          if NoOfRows('ROWCOUNT')>10 then

          STORE Table1 INTO Table1.Qvd;

          End if

          Drop table ROWCOUNT;