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    Loading a Variable with an integer

      Hi all


      In my script I am loading a table 'tblSubList' but I am not interested in every record in this table, and loading every record adds time to the script.


      Earlier in the script I have another table 'tblCHI' that contains the ID numbers for the records I am interested in.


      Can I take the minimum ID from 'tblCHI' and use this in the WHERE clause for 'tblSubList'?  Or would a Left Join be just as efficient (as there may not be matching records in 'tblSubList').


      In SQL Server I would do something like


      @MinSysID = SELECT Min(SYS_ID) FROM tblCHI


      SELECT * FROM tblSubList WHERE SYS_ID >= @MinSysID


      Can a similar thing be done in QlikView?