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    Data model issue - inconsistency - how bad is that?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      my issue is the following:

      - This year (2014), some dpts have introduced new Excel_lists, among them the one on (the app of) which I'm currently working:
      - I am and have been loading the data into QlikView as many tables although it all comes from just one Excel file, just to keep it clear.

        => In most cases, I could append the list from the 2014 file to the list from the 2013 file since the structure is the same.

      <=> In the current instance, I can't do that because there are many more fields in the list for this than in the list for last year.


      => My question is this: Can I concatenate them still (forced concatenation)? That will generate a lot of NULL values I know.
          <=> On the other hand, it will make the whole thing a lot easier because I won't have to implement two redundant expressions
          - using different fields (from different tables) for 2013 than for 2014.


      Can someone clarify this for me? What exactly are the consequences of this structural assymetry?

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,