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    time series charting with 100k+ data

    Syed Muhammad Noor-e-Sibtain Naqvi


      I am new to QV and have not gone any training as such. Yet have a small project.

      In the project i have to plot data on a time series. the number of records are more than 100k.


      First, the problem is that charting object does not render the data, although similar amount of data is charted well in a time series. The chart goes into processing and never comes back.


      Second, is there a way i could show the chart at the lowest grain (minute level) in one chart without horizontal scrolling? so that user could see it all at once and could compare the two charts visually.


      See attached image to better understand.


      Any clue what could be the problem (for the first one) ?

      Any suggestion/solution for the second one?


      Appreciate your help.