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    Interval Match accross 2 tables - Too complex for me !!

    Phil Speight

      I currently have a dashboard which looks at rostered staff by hour.  I have created an interval match by hour to determine how many staff are rostered by department / day / Hour.


      Table 1- Roster:


      Roster Date,

      Person ID,

      Roster Start Time,

      Roster End Time,

      Staff Level (Qualified / Unqualified),



      From Roster;


      This works great, however I now want to bring in the requirements by hour also. However I don't know how to combine the Interval match so that it will reflect the data.  The table I have for the requirements is :


      Table 2 - Requirements:


      Roster Date,


      Staff Level,

      Requirement Start Time,

      Requirement End Time,

      Staff Required;


      From Requirements;


      The output I need to see is :




      Roster Date

      Person ID

      Time (Hour)

      Staff Level




      Count Person ID (Rostered)

      Sum Staff Required


      If I could somehow link the intervalmatch with each other I think it would work, but I just can't get my head around it.


      I realise this will give me duplicate data for the requirements (as it will not be grouped by department), however I can get around this by dividing it by the count of persod ID's.


      Any thoughts?