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    Change color of location points based on a dimension

      Hi there, I have a simple google maps document that I'm struggling with. In the attached QVW I have a map of three retailers (Albersons, Costco, Safeway). I am trying to do the following:

      1. Make the points of each Chain banner a different color. i.e Albertsons = BLUE DOTS, Costco = GREEN DOTS, Safeway = RED DOTS

      Another thing I'm trying to do answer questions like this: Show all the SAFEWAY Accounts within a lassoed geography. Show me on the map all the SAFEWAY accounts that are carrying BLACK CHERRY. Now show me all the SAFEWAY accounts that are not carrying BLACK CHERRY but also at the same time show me all the ALBERTSONS and COSTCO accounts that do carry BLACK CHERRY. Basically I want to show our SAFEWAY customers that don't carry BLACK CHERRY, all the ALBERTSONS and COSTCO accounts that do and where they are located in relation to one another on the map.

      Also, when I add the slider bars, to allow panning vertically or horizontally as well as a scroll bar for zooming, the map stops functioning. Does anybody know why that happens? Perhaps I'm not adding the slider bars correctly. Can someone show me how to add a zoom, pan left and right slider bar onto this document? thanks