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    How to compress the entire time series chart to fit one single view?

    Syed Muhammad Noor-e-Sibtain Naqvi


      I have a time series line chart which has 100k+ values plotted. Due to high frequency of data, the chart grows on x-axis and scroller is configured to appear in order to see the entire series. This is not what is required.


      I want to plot the entire time series visibile to the user at once therefore no scroller. I have attached a sample. Please the middle two charts. I want to plot the charts just like or very much like the two in the middle of the attached image.


      In plain English, i want to compress the entire time series chart in one single view. That is i could see entire time series at a glance.


      Question is, is this possible in QV? If yes, than how do i do it?


      I would appreciate your help in this regard.