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    Text in Chart: Display Last X-axis Data Point



      I am brand new to this so I apologize if this has already been posted - I've read through a couple posts already and have not been able to understand to solve my problem.




      I am trying to get YTD to show the most recent value - 88% (only value, not sum). Originally I had put in the Text in Chart:



      But I realized without selecting the month, it does not know which value to choose, but I would like it to display the last data point on the x-axis that contains data. Going forward in 2014, in February, we will be talking about the January data - where only January would have data and the rest of the year will be 0... going onto March, we will have January and Feb data, but I only want it to display Feb data.


      I tried using the max function too, but it returns the max Service Coverage point (which in this case gets me the December number) but I have other charts where the last data point is not the highest value. Is there an expression to pull the Y-axis value for the max X-axis value?


      The other solutions I have read involved pulling from today's date or choosing a specific date as today's date, and I would like to stay away from that if possible - I just want the last x-axis Y-value (that is not 0) to display.


      As I have the personal edition, I am unable to view other .qvw files and would appreciate the expression in text on the forum .