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    Rangesum Issue

      Attached you will find this Straight Table. What I am trying to do is that I have Claim No and Occurence No. Claims are tied together by the Occurence No. For Example Occurence NO  1808 has  several Claim No's.


      I need all the distinct Count of Occurence No's where Sum(NET_INDEMNITY_PAID)  of all Same Occurence Nos is Less than 1000000 and greater than 0.


      I tried using the Range Sum Function Grouping by [Occurence No] as Follows but not the result I wanted.


      Rangesum(if(Aggr(Sum(NET_INDEMNITY_PAID),[Occurence No])>0 and Aggr(Sum(NET_INDEMNITY_PAID),[Occurence No])<1000000,

      Count(DISTINCT [Occurence No]),0),0,NoOfRows())


      Any help is appreciated