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    Performance question


      I'm just now wondering whether there is a performance penaly when using a text field instead of number one in expressions.


      Let's say I have the following fields among others:

      - session_id which is a distinct number for each session with the following Qlikview tags ($key, $numeric, $integer) (e.g. 10340)

      - id which is a distinct string for each session with the following Qlikview tags ($ascii, $text) (e.g. 0a0a24def1c42c6b14195ebdf9b3)

      And then most of my charts are using expressions like:

      COUNT(DISTINCT session_id)


      My idea is just use id because it is already unique so will allow me remove session_id which I've to generate using sequences.

      Then the big question would be:

      - Will Qlikview perform as good as it is now? or by using text fields this would make qlikview performing really bad?


      I will do a test but before I'd like to gather some of your experience on this.


      Thanks in advance,