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    QvSAPConnector.dll Connection issue

    Adrien GALLOT



      I'm getting below error message occationally in our Publisher :


      CUSTOM CONNECT*Provider*QvSAPConnector.dll*XUserId*XPassword*

      Error: Invalid custom connector QvSAPConnector.dll

      Used QVConnect: C:\Program Files\QlikView\Distribution Service\QvConnect64.EXE

      General Script Error

      Execution Failed

      Execution finished.


      The task finished with success when I launch it again.


      My connection string is basic :


      CUSTOM CONNECT TO "Provider=QvSAPConnector.dll;ASHOST=<MYHOST>;TimeOutFetch=3600;SYSNR=01;CLIENT=100;KeepCasing=1;NullDate=1;XUserId=QSTFFBdKfKUYUENJZE;XPassword=HcTWWUZNJDdATYYK;";


      SAP Transport information: version: E6DK900375; date: 20131029; time: 100211; SAP basis: 701;


      SAP Connector version : 5.7 SR1


      Your help will be really very much appreciated.


      Thanks & Regards,


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          Yaniv Feldman

          Hi Adrien


          I see that you are connecting to a specific Application Server (without Load Balancing)

          It means that if you try to connect and there are no free Background processes in SAP - the extract will fail.



          Ask your basis team to guide you to connect to Application Server Group (or Message Server) and not to a specific Application Server host  .


          I hope it will help



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            I got the same issue when loading date from my desktop. But I have no issue when doing the same from the server where Qlik is installed.

            Anyway, I wanted to wrok from my desktop instead of from the server itself.

            So I installed the sap connector on my desktop. But this alone does not work. The tricky part is installing the service "Qlik SAP Network Server" using C:\Program Files\Common Files\QlikTech\Custom Data\QVSAPConnector\SrvService_Console.bat

            I could not install the service using my user. So I connected with an administrator user. Then I could not install the service by running the bat file as administrator. So I used the old technique. I ran CMD as administrator. Then I went to the root of C:\ by using command cd... Then I did cd C:\Program Files\Common Files\QlikTech\Custom Data\ Then I ran SrvService_Console.bat and I got the options. Select option number 2 and it should install.

            Then you have to start the new service "Qlik SAP Network Server" on the control pannel.

            When the service is installed and running, you can connect with a non administrator user, launch the QVD and update the data without issues.


            I hope it helps.


            I got the sap connector 6 here. At the same place there is also the documentation Qlik Connector for SAP.pdf There is some information concerning the services on page 10.



            David Elvira

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              Cleiton Cabral

              Check the user's permission in SAP extraction of QlikView,