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      I'm looking for the equivalent of the below for VBScript.  Anyone come across this?

      Application.ScreenUpdating = False

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          Phaneendra Kunche

          Are you trying to stop/wait your macro until the UI computation is completed?



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              Nope.  I just don't want them to see a few things that the code does as it moves between tabs.  I also suspect it will speed up the code processing time if the screen isn't rendering the whole time.

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                  Phaneendra Kunche

                  It is almost like you want to run your Macro which involves in fetching the data in different sheets, but it should not show it to the user that it is switching sheets when macro runs.


                  seems not possible... if i am not wrong when you try to get the data or to do something on a sheet that sheet/object has to be active..


                  can you send me a sample app...may be i can think of some thing else.

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                      I was able to resolve my current problem in an un-elegant way.  I still wish there was a way to suppress the screen updating.


                      I just moved all the objects the VB needed to work with to the same tab as the button the user presses.  However, the objects are off screen and hidden except for when the VB code is executing and since the objects are off screen, the user will not be the wiser about it.


                      Thanks for trying to assist.

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                  Tresesco B

                  Not really equivalent, still this could help you :




                  And, have you tried the document settings? Settings->Document Properties-> Server -> Refresh options

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                      Alan Farrell

                      I have a similar Issue for a Extraction file, that also create a folder Structure.


                      Before I extract the Data I create a Folder Structure, like below using EXECUTE



                      this works, but the screen seems to flicker rapidly for a couple of seconds and then it's complete, I would like to remove this flickering, this is not VBScript, it's the Qlikview Script Editor.



                      Is there anything that can stop this?