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    Problem with example application and temporary workaround


      I'm currently looking at sample applications in QDF. One of them - NorthWindExampleMart.qvw - breaks on load with error

      Ошибка в строке скрипта:

      for vL.tttt = 0 to vL.xxxx-1

      Oшибка в строке скрипта: stands for something like Error in script line:

      Firstly I've checked that I generated QVDS by QVD-Generator-Example.qvw and loaded successfully Example_NorthWind_Mart.qvw datamart. Then I tried to debug this error, unsuccessfully.

      Finally I've noticed some irregularity in NorthWind_Mart.qvw on table view:


      All tables have names corresponding to they source QVD file names, but instead of Customer table we have vL.temp_table.

      I've added

      RENAME TABLE vL.temp_table TO Customer 

      at the end of Example_NorthWind_Mart.gvw script and after that NorthWindExampleMart.qvw application loads successfully for me.

      If somebody stumbled upon same error, that may be quick workaround.


      Best regards, Vadim Tsushko