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    Alias DNS for Server name

      Hi all,


      I’d like to know if it is possible to use a dynamic server name, when viewing Qlikview with Accesspoint. ie. An aliased DNS. -


      We are running two Servers, so will have one server with our new upgrade that some users will be testing out.

      We would like 1 name (Server name) when users view the reports via Accesspoint. So when we switch 'Go Live' with our new server, the users can still use the same name (URL) when accessing Qlikview..... So that basically, the same name will be used for both Servers.


      I believe this is possible, but not sure how to achieve it.


      Any ideas?



        • Re: Alias DNS for Server name
          Peter Cammaert

          Sure, perfectly possible, although this has nothing to do with QlikView. Just define an alias for your server in your DNS database (on the domain controller or wherever the DNS service is running), e.g. http: // qlikview /... alongside the regular http: // serv01qvw/... or whatever the old server is currently called.


          Once you get the green light, change the alias to point to the other - new - server. Users can reach the AccessPoint via an URL like http: // qlikview / qlikview (drop the spaces) without really knowing what machine they'll be accessing.


          Your System Administrators know what to do.