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    Disk recommendation / IOPS - throughput?

    Stephane DUGUET

      Hi All,


      I need to give to the infrastructure team of my companies recommendation on the speed access to the disk for QlikView :

      - QlikView Server

      - Publisher

      - Desktop.


      a) For Desktop and Publisher, it's mainly big files read and written, so it's more straightforward. But if you have recommendation, please share them.


      b) For QlikView Server it's a bit more complex as this impact the experience of the users : accessing the .shared to read/write bookmarks or objects. Is there any document that provide recommendation on this.

      The only one I've got is the Technical Brief on SAN-NAS it's usefull but not detailed on iops/throughput or mesurable requirement.

      Do you have any recommendation on this tricky one?


      We will certainly use a NAS, if possible attached on a 10 Gb network, but I need to confirm that this will work, compared to a DAS.