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    Time interval graph restricted to time stamp not date



      I am trying to produce a graph that shows when people entered and exited a hospital. I have a TimeStamp for both the entry and exit (EventStartTime and EventEndTime). I want to group the events into 15 minute time intervals. In the script I have achieved this by using:


      Time( class( EventEndTime, .25/24))AS End15Interval,

      Time( class( EventStartTime, .25/24))AS Start15Interval


      These fields do appear to give me what I need. I have then created a line graph with the dimension of DataEventID (each DataEvent has an EventStartTime and an EventEndTime). I then have used the expression:




      The graph comes out like this:




      I was however expecting it to come out with all the values showing just the times and not considering the dates. Similarly I'm surprised that when I create a listbox for Start15Intervals I see lots of the same values appearing.


      It feels as though the Start15Interval appears to be just a time value but might actually also include a date stamp which the graph must be picking up.


      Any suggestion on how I can resolve this?


      Thanks for your help it is greatly appreciated.