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    Customer Status

      I have a table that has the following

      Customer ID


      Status StartDate

      Status EndDate



      There are 4 different status categories, Active, On Hold, Pending, Inactive.


      How can I create charts that show the average duration that a customer stays in each category, and also a count of customers by status, over time?



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          Nicole Smith

          Take a look at the attached .qvw file.  Make sure to look at the load script as I had to add to use IntervalMatch to add a calendar table to your start and end dates (the synthetic key that IntervalMatch creates is fine, and should be there).  The charts should also be calculating what you're looking for.

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              Thanks so much!

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                Arjun Arjun



                Thanks for the reply.

                I'm using personal edition, I can't open any qvd, can u please post the expression to plot chart.


                Thanks in Advance


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                    Nicole Smith

                    Load Script:


                    LOAD * INLINE [

                        Customer ID, Status, Status StartDate, Status EndDate

                        1, Active, 1/1/2014, 1/7/2014

                        1, On Hold, 1/8/2014, 1/10/2014

                        1, Pending, 1/11/2014, 1/20/2014

                        1, Inactive, 1/20/2014, 1/25/2014

                        2, Active, 1/1/2014, 1/10/2014

                        2, On Hold, 1/10/2014, 1/15/2014

                        2, Pending, 1/15/2014, 1/21/2014

                        2, Inactive, 1/21/2014,



                    //Finding min and max dates so we can create a calendar


                    LOAD RangeMin(min([Status StartDate]),min([Status EndDate])) as MinDate,

                        RangeMax(max([Status StartDate]),max([Status EndDate])) as MaxDate

                    RESIDENT Data;

                    let MinDate = num(Peek('MinDate'));

                    let MaxDate = num(Peek('MaxDate'));

                    DROP TABLE MinAndMax;


                    //Creating the calendar


                    Load Date($(MinDate)-1+iterno()) as Date autogenerate 1 While iterno() <= $(MaxDate)+1 - $(MinDate) ;

                    let MinDate = null();

                    let MaxDate = null();


                    //Joining the calendar dates using interval match to the start and end dates


                    LOAD [Status StartDate], [Status EndDate] RESIDENT Data;


                    Type: Pivot Table

                    Dimension 1: Customer ID

                    Dimension 2: Status

                    Expression: avg([Status EndDate]-[Status StartDate])


                    Type: Straight Table

                    Dimension: Customer ID

                    Expression 1: avg({<Status={'Active'}>}[Status EndDate]-[Status StartDate])

                    Expression 2: avg({<Status={'Inactive'}>}[Status EndDate]-[Status StartDate])

                    Expression 3: avg({<Status={'On Hold'}>}[Status EndDate]-[Status StartDate])

                    Expression 4: avg({<Status={'Pending'}>}[Status EndDate]-[Status StartDate])


                    Type: Line Chart

                    Dimension 1: Date

                    Dimension 2: Status

                    Expression: count([Customer ID])

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                  Gysbert Wassenaar

                  You can calculate the duration by subtracting the StartDate from the EndDate. For example:


                  Load CustomerID,


                  Status StartDate,

                  Status EndDate,

                  interval([Status EndDate] - [Status StartDate],'d') as Duration

                  From ...mysource...;


                  You can then create a straight table object in the front end with Customer ID (and Status) as dimension(s) and as expression avg(Duration).


                  For counting customers by status over time you need to create reference dates for each status. See this blog post for an explanation of how to do that: Creating Reference Dates for Intervals