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    How to set up filters for straight tables?



      I'm trying to use expressions as data filter for my straight table but it doesnt work. I want to show only transactions that have value lowered than lets say 50 USD. I've flagged those in script as "if(TransactionValue<50,1,0) as SmallTransaction"


      Than i've set up an expression

      =(sum (SmallTransaction)=1,0,1)


      than selected in Presentation "Max Number" as "0" but nothing happens

      What's more - im trying to use 3 such flags / expressions simultaneously in the same table - all where "0" is the value im looking for (as in example =(sum (SmallTransaction)=1,0,1)


      Can anyone tell what im doing wrong and how to change that?

      I've tried to use dimension limits but for some reason that works quite slow on large data sets.


      Thanks a lot!