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    Want to show Working.gif when moving from Tab to Tab within Document

    Some Nath Roy

      Dear All,


      I am facing a problem related to UI. I have hosted a QVW application in QV server11.  The QVW doc contains many tabs within which some of the charts and tables are rendered with huge amount of data and complex expression logics. As a result users often experience a blank sheet when moving from one tab to another for a while. Depending upon the complexity of the expressions and amount of data this delay time increases when moving from tab to tab within the document.

      My requirement is to show a .GIF file (like <QV Server Installation path>\Server\QlikViewClients\QlikViewAjax\htc\Images\Working.gif) within the center of each tab until the Charts are started to render when moving from tab to tab. Thus user can feel that chart rendering is in progress.


      Thanks in advance.