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    Ad hoc interface in QV using comparative analysis

    ben lim

      Hi all, I am using a Comparative Analysis to do an ad hoc interface for user to do their self retrieving of information easily.


      The problem I face is that in my database, we kind of merge different databases together.


      Say in Alternate State A I have database A values and Alternate State B I have database B value.


      Each database has a different concept,


      in database A, it talks about volume of container box that is being performed. In a container box there is Empty or Full. We call this Container_Class_Name.


      In database B, it talks about volume of container box that is not performed, in that category, there is E of F field (which means Empty or Full) We call this Transit_Container_Class_Name.


      Is there any way that I can do a customized dimension that means Empty refers to Alternate State A Container Class Name Empty and ALternate State B Container Class Name E


      This is becasue If i will to use a default field in the dimension say ALternate state A Container Class Name, the figures will be different for Alternnat State B Transit_Container_Class_Name even though it means the same.


      Is valuelist the solution? i tried but it seems that there is error when doing the expression,