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    Qlikview Licenses

    Adil Hussain

      Hi All


      Had a Question.


      Is it allowed for a company to give licenses to their clients in Qlikview.


      Although the client has no Qlikview Access previously but a report is made for them by a company so the Admin give them a User or Doc cal.


      Would this be allowed or is this considered a wrong thing to do within Qlikview?



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          Nicole Smith

          Clients don't need to buy developer licenses in QV to just view dashboards.  If they're viewing through QV server (AccessPoint), users just need CALs assigned to them.

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              Adil Hussain

              Sorry not Developer Licenses. User Licenses


              I have been informed if a company example


              Samsung develop an app - they purchase user cals and doc cals


              Their client eg Nokia say can we view your reports.


              So Samsung set up logins to their access point and assign a user cal to Nokia so Nokia can view Samsung Qlikview Apps.


              Is this allowed.


              I was informed all licenses need to stay within a single company for internal use and the example i have given abouve requires additional licenses that cost more?


              This is what i was told and needed to clarify please



              The License which we are currently in use for Server:

              -       QlikView Enterprise Edition (EE) Server

              -       QlikView Publisher

              And for user:

              -       Document CALs

              -       Named User CALs


              Both, server and user licences are only for internal use. That means that is only allowed for employees of Company to use the licences.


              For customer of Company there will need the following licences:

              -       QlikView Extranet Server (max 3 Documents per Module)

              -       Session CALs (min 5 per Extranet Server Module)

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              Nils Morris


              I believe that this in not generally allowed, if your client (as I understand, your customer) is not a part of your organization/company. To do this you would most likely need to use an Extranet server. For more information I would

              check with your QlikTech contact.

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                varaha sasi vardhan kandragula

                Before discussing about licences and all. I think first we need to provide external partner access in the platform level.


                Because the dashboards will be under a company network, and if external partners need to get access need to provide the same.

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                  Lucian Cotea

                  The clients could use a QlikView cloud platform like QlikView OnDemand.


                  This will solve several problems:


                  • clients doesn't have to buy licences, they can rent one for a small fee
                  • the clients doesn't need to invest in hardware or administration specialists
                  • the company doesn't have to give access to internal network
                  • the clients doesn't consume company's resources