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    Running Autoitscript from publisher give COM error

    Gustav Gager

      Hi there.

      Im buildning a Autoitscript that uses Qlikviews COM API to do several selections in an application and then print a PDF file.

      Everyting works great when i jus the script (logged on as the same user that runs the services). But when i use "External Program" and run the script from the publisher, i get this COM error:


      err.description is:
      err.windescription:Server execution failed


      err.number is:80080005
      err.lastdllerror is:0
      err.scriptline is:-1
      err.source is:
      err.helpfile is:
      err.helpcontext is:18996448


      It seems to me as the script tries to use the servers engine to run, instead of desktop.


      When i initiate the COM object im using this code:$Qview = ObjCreate("QlikTech.QlikView")

      $Qview = ObjCreate("QlikTech.QlikView")


      Ive build in alot of log options to isolate the error, and it seems that i cant even create the COM Object. Is there a way to perhaps specifiy the .exe to use?


      All help is appritiated. Thank you.