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    Qlikview on mobile

      We are planning to test qlikview on Mobile. We are using Citrix environment. Does anyone know how to use qlikview mobile on citrix environment?


      And I couldn't find qlikview app for android devices. Do we have app for android or its only for apple devices?




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          Bill Markham



          Could clarify why & how you are using the Citrix Environment ?


          [There is no QV Android App, only the IOS app.  Although Published QV Apps can be accessed from anything that runs a suitable Web Browser client.]



          Best Regards,     Bill

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              Thanks For your reply Bill.

              Qlikview server is not in Citrix Environment , it is a stand alone server. But if we want to connect to our company domain, we need to connect to citrix. then we access qlikview thorugh access point.This is from our laptop. I am wondering , can we use the same process in mobile app also?



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                  Peter Cammaert

                  Mobile devices usually go straight to the QlikView server. You may need to devise a separate channel to your company network, just for iPhone/iPad devices as there isn't any way to run the iPhone app under Citrix. Such a channel can be decently secured however.


                  There is a Citrix Receiver for iPad, that turns your iPad into a virtual Windows desktop. It allows you to run a regular browser and connect to whatever web server in your company network, all in perfect isolation from the outside world. But... it doesn't run the QlikView app for iPhone as that's a native iOS application...


                  Don't know if there is a Citrix Receiver for Android.