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    Setup security at QlikView same as cube and ProClarity?

    Shivendoo Kumar

      Hi All,

      In my current project, We are using SSAS 2005 and ProClarity tool for accessing cubes. We have setup security at dimensions level for each individual cubes.


      Security Setting at SSAS Level

      1. For Example: This security setup has been done to prevent users to not see other users’ data. Our Main dimension is DIM_PROVIDER and column Provider_ID and security setup has been done based on Provider_ID. Created a role ABC_Role based on requirement and for this role given specific access by editing roleàGo to ‘Dimension Data’àUnder a cube (Regional Sales) you will have all dimensions used à Select one dimension, for example, DIM_PROVIDERàGo to Attribute Hierarchy and select column Provider_IDà Deselect all members and then select only a specific member like 5 (ABC provider)àGo to Advance Tabà Check the ‘Enable Visual Total’àThis way you have to restrict all the dimensions where we have column Provider_ID à Click ok


      Now add those members to ABC_Role who all belongs to Provider ABC


      Security Setting at ProClarity Level


      1. Go to Analytic Server Administration ToolàClick on RolesàAdd the Members to ABC_Role who all belongs to Provider ABC.


      So this way when a user try to access ProClarity URL, user needs to provide User ID and Password and based on role user will be able to access data only related to him/her. User can build own report (ProClarity View) and can save it.


      Now I got requirement to test that above security setup for QlikView which will point to existing cubes or Is it possible to set same security as cube to QVD and QVW so that QlikView can directly point to Database instead of Cubes? Could you please guide me. If possible provide me the links those can help me.