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    Bar chart with revenues by customers - can you add a small box with total sum?



      I have a question about setting up two analyses on charts


      1) % share of product X sales in total sales to each customer

      X axis - customers

      Y axis - bar chart with % share of sales of selected / filtered product in total sales of this customer


      I have a list box with product names - if i click on "Product A"  - i want to see what % share Product A has in total sales to each customer. I don't want to see what is the % split of my total revenue on this product by customers has but rather what % share does "Product A" have in total sales to customer X, Y, Z etc...


      I have data colums like "sales value", "customer", "product" etc.


      Is there any way to do that?


      2) Bar chart with revenues by customers - can you add a small box showing total figure for the chart?


      Let's assume that I have a bar chart that shows revenues (USD mn) by sales regions which which de-group into customer segments and those de-group into individual customers.

      So X axis - regions/segments/customers, Y axis - revenues

      Is there any way to always have a small box on the chart  with the total revenues of my company (or region or segment) even as I go into details with a cyclic group filter?

      So for example on a chart with revenues by sales regions I want to see a box with total revenues for my company but if i drill done to region 1 with split by customer segments i want this box to show total revenues for segment (or for example average revenues per segment / region). Is there any way to do that? Perhaps with two boxes  - one with a chart and one with separate table?


      Many thanks!