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    Cumulative figures on a graph



      I really need someone help.


      I have a data set that has a weight column and the weight cumulative column is calculated base on the direction .i.e. if the weigh was its added to cumulative ans if its out its removed from the cumulative.


      I want to plot the cumulative weight on a chart, dependent on the dimension I use i.e. if I use the stockdate field, i want to see the last figure recorded for each date. If I use the stockmonthyear field, I want to use the last field for each stockmonthyearfield. I created the row column as I thought I could somehow get the max for each date and use that in set analysis somehow, but I cant get it working.


      See snapshot of the data below, I have attached the full data set.


      104/12/2012Dec 2012In1574.71574.7
      204/12/2012Dec 2012Out2351339.7
      305/12/2012Dec 2012In115.91455.6
      405/12/2012Dec 2012In115.91571.5
      505/12/2012Dec 2012In97.21668.7


      Any help would be much appreciated. Working example would be great.