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    Modify height of properties pane?


      I have an extension with pretty many options to set in the Properties pane. I sorted these options in several main sections (like the default ones called 'Caption', 'Options' etc.) . Unfortunately when I have several of these categories, everything moves downward outside of the panel which in the end even leads to disappearing options in the lower sections.

      I didn't find a way to modify the size, especially the height, of the property pane until now... does someone know a way?


      Thanks a lot in advance,


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          if someone also has this problem... thanks to a hint I found a way. It isn't perfect at all but at least all elements, also the lower ones, are readable. I modified the first two lines of the qvpp file like this:


          <div class="ToolWindow-MainBody" avq="foldOutMenu:." style="overflow: visible !important; float: left;background-color:#EFEFEF;">

            <div class="prop-accordion prop-500" avq="accordion:.">



          This doesn't enlarge the panel-frame optically so actually it is still too small but the panel inside is high enough. If someone knows how to enlarge the surrounding panel (with the shadow borders), feel free to tell. :-)