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    Matching function ()?

    ben lim

      Hi all ,


      In this business context, I have two databases call A and B in QV. We handled container boxes so there is always Laden or Empty. However in table A , we call it as Contaienr Class Name and in B, we call Transit_Container_Class


      I am trying to create a table to find the volme of Laden and Empty with expression that is A and B volume. This can be done by


      =if(Derived_Container_Class_Name='LADEN' or Transit_Container_Class = 'F','LADEN'

      ,if(Derived_Container_Class_Name = 'EMPTY' or Transit_Container_Class='E','EMPTY')



      Hoever, when comes to market, country where there are more than 200, it will be tedious to 'hardcode' in this way.

      is there any code where I can do matching such like if(Country = Transit.Country, show country)