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    Section Access : NT Implementation

    Sanket Khunte

      Hi Team,


      I have one question regarding NT Section Access Functionality in Qlikview. We used this functionality when set of users are seating under one DOMAIN. Let say we have DOMAIN_Test under which all users are seating and accessing the qlikview dashboard.


      That's fine and its working fine. But how can any valid user (having access of this dashboard ) can access same dashboard from out of domain.


      Let say I am Sanket : in Office i am seating under DOMAIN_Test under which i can access my dashboard but when i am trying to access same dashboard from my home or any other device it's not accessible.


      Any solution on this. How Can i access this dashboard from out of domain ??


      As Qlikview dashboard can accessible through any device like iPhone,iPad etc.


      Your suggestion really appreciate to me.


      Thank you.


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          To access QV out of domain we need to have Public IP. Confirm with network team whether it is public IP.




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            Andrea Ghirardello

            Do you need to use NTNAME, NTSID or NTDOMAINSID?


            Anyway, you can combine security rules and you can specify for example NTNAME for specific users and particular USERID and PASSWORD for others so that people may open the document in different ways.

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                Sanket Khunte

                Thank you for your input. After using NTNAME,NTSID and Serial Number etc. in section access ; does that dashboard will accessible to users from OUT OF DOMAIN.


                If you How ?? Please your clarification will help to me.

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                    As of my understand....Your domain is restrictable domain. Consult your internal IT team and ask him to give rights to login your userid in out of domain also... he will helps you

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                      Andrea Ghirardello

                      Say for instance that you have the following table (e.g. into an excel workbook):




                      If you use the following script you should be able to allow people to access automatically by using the NTNAME if logged with the correspondent domain user or by using one of the USERIDs above.


                      Section Access;
                        '*' as USERID, 
                        '*' as PASSWORD,
                      [.\QlikView Script Section Access.xlsx]
                      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1) where (not IsNull(ACCESS));
                      Concatenate (Auth)
                        NTNAME as USERID, 
                        '*' as NTNAME
                      [.\QlikView Script Section Access.xlsx]
                      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);
                      Section Application;


                      Hope this helps.

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                        Peter Cammaert

                        No, because QVS needs to figure out whether your out-of-domain visitor has a CAL, and Section Access has nothing whatsoever to do with Licenses. Section Access is just for document/data security.


                        There is a simple trick to allow everybody to login to the QlikView web server, either automatically inside the domain by way of SSO, or with an explicit login dialog box if your visiting from outside the domain. The trick is to use IIS as a web server, and put IIS in IWA-mode (Integrated Windows Authentication). Whenever someone visits IIS without previously being logged in into the domain, IIS will present the visitor with a domain login dialog. Problem solved.


                        You could put QVWS in login mode as well, but I think everybody will be presented with a login dialog and that may not be what you want.


                        Of course, it is still true that your Server IP must be a public IP.