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    3-D, X/Y/Z axis QlikView bar chart

    Greg Anderson

      I have seen several discussions involving 3-D visulizations in QV, which led me to start playing around and created a QlikView stacked bar chart with three axes, X/Y/Z, using sample data.  Now I just need a reason to use this for real.


      Any ideas?

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          Roman Spyridis


          I couldn't open your file because My version is restricted. Is it possible to post some images and a guide of how to create an X/Y/Z axis? I am asking because i have created a bar chart with two values. One is showing the percentage of the existingproducts in a branch, and the other one is showing the percentage ofthe new products in a branch. Now i want to have on the same graph the percentage of the difference between existing and new.


          Thanks in advance.


          Ps: perhaps this is the idea you were asking for

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            ar eiuiew

            Assume you are working in a Telecom Company,this company has  4 types of product( Rate Plans).

            each customer who has bought this product, has a status of value.  you may want to compare different years.

            there is just one way to do that and that is the chart you created.  


            X axis for different types of product,

            Y axis (stacked) shows the percentage of customer segment values in each bar

            Z can represent different years for comparison.


            Hope it could help