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    combining of 2 column values in one column

    dhanu today

      Hi All,


      I have the requirement like below.


      In a list box(Category) have the values like New joinee,Permanent,contract,Supervisor etc...


      if am selecting the 'new joinee' values is 500 and for 'permanent'  is 1000,'contract'  is 1800 and 'supervisor ' is 4000.As usual based on the selection data is populating into the table as per below calculation.


      But as per req if am slecting the 'New joinee' it has to show both the values of contact+Newjoinee(2300) in a column 'New joinee'


        The expression which i have used as below and varibale is not creating any problem.

      sum({<FIN_YEAR=,FIN_QTR=,CAL_MONTH=,CAL_YEAR=,PERIOD = {"$(=MAX(PERIOD))"}>}$(vEOP_AMB))/10000000


      I have sued the 'Category' at dimension level.I have to calucate at design level.


      Thanks ,