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    Salesforce connector - Login failed premature end of file

    Jo Campbell

      Hello everyone,


      Since around 9am this morning, I've been getting the below error message on the server when trying to connect to Salesforce using the Salesforce connector. Everything works perfectly on my own desktop, it's just an issue on the server. I've tried testing the connection in a new Qlikview document and every now and then (about 1 out of 15 tries) it will connect successfully however it fails the majority of the time.


      Has anyone experienced this issue before? Nothing has changed on the server as far as I can see in the way of updates etc and it was working fine prior to 9am. I've reinstalled the connector but that didn't fix it.


      2014-01-30 10:01:16 Progress Connected to SalesForce with C:\Program Files\Common Files\QlikTech\Custom Data\SalesForceDLL.dll version 11, 00, 10009, 0 (DLL Protocol version: 2)

      2014-01-30 10:01:16 Progress EndPointUrl=https://www.salesforce.com/services/Soap/u/21.0

      2014-01-30 10:01:16 Error Connection failed

      2014-01-30 10:01:16 Error Premature end of file.

      2014-01-30 10:01:16 Progress Disconnecting


      Thanks in advance :-)