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    Set Analysis Graph with two dimensions


      I have two different graph:



      Graphic 1

      - dimension: MonthYear1 //((from table closedd cases time)

      - expression: =sum({BM11<Condition={'CLOSED'},CLOSE_DATE={">$(=max(AddMonths(vLastMonth1, -5)))<$(=max(AddMonths(vLastMonth1, +1)))"}> }CaseCounter)


      Graphic 2

      - dimension: MonthYear2 //(from table created cases time)

      - expression: =sum({BM11<MonthYear2={">$(=max(addmonths(vHoy, -7)))<=$(=max(addmonths(vHoy, -1)))"}> }CaseCounter)


      Now, how I can make an only one graphic to integrate this?