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    "Marking" multiple result sets?

    Marko Rakar

      I have huge database in which I am trying to identify different kind of anomalies on multiple number of different criterias.


      Is it possible to do following:

      • identify satisfying result and then mark it or tag all records within that result
      • identifiy anorher result while using different criteria and then tag all records once again (it is possible that different records match more then one criteria)
      • in the end, easily count all the records which matched any of my previous searches and then score them according to the number of marks, tags or flags they were identified in

      can I do this somehow within the application?


      (the way I can do that now is to find satisfying result, then export excel of unique IDs of records which match that criteria, do that for all of my searches; then import all matches and count  and score them)