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    Salesforce Connector LoadDate question...

      I am creating a variable named vLoadDate so I can display in a text box the date the data from Salesforce was last loaded.  My line is the script is this:  


      Let vLoadDate = Date(ReloadTime(),'M/D/YYYY');


      I ran the report just a few minutes ago, (Jan 30 2014), and the text box is saying the Last Load Date is yesterday, Jan 29.  The formula in the text box I'm using is:



      ='Data Refreshed as of ' & vLoadDate

      Any ideas why the date in my text box is not today's date when I just refreshed it 15 minutes ago?  Also, the max create date for the opportunities I am pulling is today, 1/24/14 11:42:44PM.    So while it appears the max record is correct, the "Load Date" is not.


      Thanks in advance for your thoughts.