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    Exporting XML from table crashes QV OCX

    Wei Wang

      I have a simple QVW, containing one table box with about 30 columns. What I am trying to do is to export the data in that table to an XML file via the OCX interface. It seems that if the size of the data in the table is somewhat big (the attached sample has 32,776 rows), QV OCX will crash (bad,because then my app also crashes).


      I've tried to manually export via the standalone QlikView (load this QVW in qv.exe, right click on the table box, select export, and choose xml type), and it exported just fine. The resulting xml file is about 42 mb. However, if I use the following simple lines of code to do the same programmatically, the app crashes at the last line.



                      QlikView.TableBox tb = axQlikOCX1.ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("TB01") as QlikView.TableBox;


      I am using 11.20 SR 5 32-bit on Win 7.

      Any help or pointer would be very much appreciated.