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    Error in table sorting

      Hi guys,

      i have a problem in table sorting.


      I have a linear table where are listed product codes.

      Product codes consist of both numbers and letters.


      I've tried to sort by alphabetical or numerical order but i obtain the same result and i think there is a mistake.


      For example, i've 3 product codes.

      Product 1 -> 65A000000RN;

      Product 2 -> 110GLNS00CN;

      Product 3 -> 660M0000060.

      I expect that correct order would be:

      Product 2 -> 110GLNS00CN (first, because it starts with 1!);

      Product 1 -> 65A000000RN (65 comes before 66!);

      Product 3 -> 660M0000060.

      But in Qlikview I have:

      Product 1;

      Product 2;

      Product 3.

      (seen the attached image)

      I think that Qlikview puts product 1 before product 2/3 because the product 1 code has a letter in third position, while the others has a letter in fourth position (just my idea!).

      How can i obtain a "correct" order?

      Thanks in advance!

      product list.png