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    licences lost after reboot



      I'm facing a strange behavior of Qlikview server since two weeks.

      After each reboot of the windows server supporting our Qlikview server, all the allocated licences are lost.

      We are using Ntlm authorization (AD groups) and we dont use dynamic cal assigment.

      We give explicit CAL tu dientified users.

      That's what we lose after each reboot.


      More information about our configuration (on a vmware base) :

      Product Information
      Product nameQMS Backend Core x64
      Client Build Number11.0.11414.0
      Target Platformx64
      Publisher License KeyNo License
      Service authenticationAD groups
      Machine Information
      Computer NameQLIKVIEW-SRV
      Operating System VersionMicrosoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise x64 Edition X64 (Microsoft Windows NT 5.2.3790 Service Pack 2)
      .NET Version4.0.30319.1008
      Physical Memory16383Mb
      Available Memory5035Mb
      CPU Information
      CPU 0Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2640 0 @ 2.50GHz
      CPU 1


      Does it append to someone else ?

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          Michael Laenen

          The info about license allocation are store in the PGO files.  I wonder the pgo files are deleted when the server is rebooted.

          The PGO files are store in the same location as event, session, performance log so do not deleted hte pgo .


          C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\QlikTech\QlikViewServer


          I assume the content of this folder is somehow deleted or moved including the PGO, then QV rebuilt the PGO at reboot.


          Hope it helps


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              Thank's for your answer.


              We had the same idea, we already tried this :

              We saved PGO files from this directory.

              After un automatic reboot this week end an again the lost of affected CALs, i decided to stop all services, copies saved PGO in the right directory and restart all services.

              It doesn't recover anything. CAL'a are still missing.

              We are going to build a new Qlikview server with the Q11 SR2 realease, i hope it will solve the problem.


              But i'm still want to know why it happens.

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                  Guzman Garcia

                  Hi Michael Bardy,


                  I think the same that Michael laenen says about your possible problem. Try identifying in your system any software that can automaticaly delete files. For example some antivirus software, antispyware software, and others similars softwares that can be doing the pgo file deletion. Then you should add to each software a rule to exclude the entry qlikview server folder of the software analysis (C:\Program Data\QlikTech for example)


                  Tell me if you can resolve the problem.


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                      Thank's for your answer.


                      As i said, the PGO files are never deleted.

                      But when we start the Qlikview services, even if the files are still there and when i open the administration tool, i see that the affected licences are lost.


                      As i said, we have planned to upgrade our Windows Server and rebuild a new Qlikview Server. I will make a return to say if it has changed anything.



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                  We solve our problem !


                  First, we have build a new server starting from scratch with Qlikview 11r5 server.

                  We copy all the file tree from the old server to the new one to keep windows rights.

                  I set all CAL's.

                  I restart all services and ... all CAL's are lost, again !!!


                  As we copied all files from the older server, we also copied the PGO files at the root of the file tree.

                  The good idea was to stop the QVS service, delete the PGO file, restart the QVS service.

                  It recreate empty PGO files. Then we set again the CAL's.

                  And, this time, the CAL's remained after restart of the QVS service.


                  Know, i'm facing a new problem, but it's another story ... (i'will put a new message)

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                      Giuseppe Novello

                      Dear Michel,


                      Do you have an antivirus on the server? if you so as Guzman suggested exclude the antivirus scanning from ProgramData\Qlikview, why? other than deleting them also it locks the file from writing and reading, specially the BorrowCalData.pgo gets out of sync from either root folder copy ( active ones) and Qlikview\QlikviewServer folder ( backup ones). So when one of the PGOs are out of sync, the assignment CALs that you see on the QMC reminds in memory; however, when you reboot the machine, that memory gets cleared and CALs assignments are gone, because the QMC cannot read those PGOs anymore ( due to the lock).