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    Losing Bookmarks that have previously worked

    Tim Saddler

      I have two users who have bookmarks that no longer load.

      I suspect that this is due to the data structure changing.

      Is there a way of "interrogating" the metadata using a certain tool.

      I can open the metadata file in  a product such as Notepad++ and see the "title" of the bookmark, but beyond that there is a lot of hierogliphics and weird characters.

      If i can open the metadata file i am assuming i should be able to see the parameters of the bookmark.

      Any advice gratefully received.


      On a similar subject i noticed that the metadata file is 17meg(sales.qvw.shared) and the qvw is 34 meg(sales.qvw).

      Does anyone else have such a huge metadata file.

      NB the sales.qvw.meta is 4 kb !!!!!!

      Thanks in advance