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    Percentage % Total for Dimension in Pivot Table

    Jan-Hendrik Esterhuyse



      Hope someone can assist me with the following


      I have a pivot table with 2 expressions over three dimensions


      The dimensions are:

      Phase, Type and Side


      The expressions are:


      For Nr:



      For %:

      count(rowno) / count(total rowno)


      (See next image)



      In the pivot table, I would like to show the % as summing up to 100%.r1.png


      For example, in the image, in the column "CUT" under %, it should show 100% in the top total, and then for example General Play - Off-Side should show 20% (see image below where I have just filtered down to side). So, where it shows 2.41% in the top image, it should show 20%




      I have tried several different combinations of aggr functions, for example


      sum(aggr( count(rowno) / count(total rowno),Side))


      or count(rowno) / sum(aggr(count (total rowno),Side))


      and a few others, but have not been able to resolve.


      Do anyone have an idea which could help?


      I'm attaching the model with the object (data reduced, so % can differ from mentioned above), hope this helps