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    Set Analysis Expression Aggregation Issue

      Hey All,


      First of all, thank for the taking the time to view and assist. I may be overlooking something here but this is giving me a headache.


      Objective: I'm looking to to reflect the various departmental collections within the selection (Month(s)) time frame. e.g. Bankrutpcy/Recovery by Time.


      Problem: It's aggregating the departments collections throughout the entire data set (over all the Months), regardless of the {$} indication. Despite the user selecting a specific month, it reflects the the SUM throughout all of time.


      Here is an example formulas



      SUM({$<[Department] = {'Recovery'}>}[PRINPMT_28_1]) + SUM({$<[Department] = {'Recovery'}>} [PRINNSF_28_2])



      To calculate the total collected, We add the PRINPMT_28_1 + PRINNSF_28_2 to reconcile the payments that bounced, or transactions that were removed from books.


      The same formual exists in a different expression that shows how much of a particular amount was collected for a various client by the Bankruptcy department.


      This makes a very easy and convenient way for the user to see how much of the "SUM" came from which department.


      I hope I articulated this enough for everyone.