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    Conditional Formatting of a Dimension in a Pivot Table

    Justin Morley


      I need to conditionally format a dimension in a Privot Table, could somebody point me in the right direction?

      My data looks very approximately like this:



      I require conditional formatting to be placed on the dimension so that 1 and 3 are black and 2 is light grey, because of the value in the flag.

      What I've tried so far:

      1) Chart Properties>Dimensions>Used Dimensions -> expand the dimension and create the following expression under Text Color


      This is completely ignored, as is =LightGray() or just Gray()

      Why is this option even there if it doesn't work? Is there a switch somewhere I'm missing


      2) Turn On Design Grid>Right Click in Cell>Select Custom Format Cell>Select Text Color>Base Color>Calculated and insert the same expression:


      This time LightGray() on its own works, but the conditional expression does not.


      Anyone know how I can acheive the conditional formatting I need? Looking through the archives I haven't found a satisfactory answer.

      I'm on 11.20 SR5