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    set modifier problem

      Hi every boday,

      ive been stuck with this problem for three days and

      as you can see in the attached picture i have a graphic table , <nom vendeur> is the dimension and i'm making expressions with the rest of fields ,

      the application counts the <ca par jour> correctly but my problem is the number of distinct clients per day and month, it always gives me the distinct total number of clients

      here is my expressions

      =count( {$ <"$(=num(day(today())))"="$(=num(day([Date CA])))"> }distinct [Nom Client] ) --->distinct number of clients pe day

      =count( {$ <"$(=num(month(today())))"="$(=num(month([Date CA])))"> }distinct [Nom Client] ) --->distinct number of clients pe month

      for other informations just comment