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    Qlikview Publisher 11.20 SR4 - Saving document takes too long

    Matteo Fioroni


      I've a Qlikview document reload by qlikview publisher 11.20 SR4. The reload is ok and the log shows me the message "Start Saving document".


      This process taskes about 14 hours... too much...

      This document is about 500 MB large and It's previously reloaded and published by an old server version 10. There the load and distribute process was completed corretly.


      May some problem of timeout? I checked the reload process:


      1) The file reload

      2) The first .tmp file is created

      3) The first .tmp file is canceled and a new xxxxxxxxxxxxxx_FILE_NAME.qvw.tmp is created.


      After the creation of xxxxxxxxxxxxxx_FILE_NAME.qvw.tmp the execution seem to be suspended...


      Anyone has the same issue? How can I fix the problem? Is it a bug?


      Thank you for your help!


      Best regards,