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    Master Calender + line chart

      Hi all,


      I have a problem with my master calender and my line chart. I have a master calender for a couple of years and i created a line chart that shows me sum(profit) for each year and calenderweek and weekday. calendarweek and weekday are one dimension like cw & ' ' & wd.

      everything is showing correctly except on dates where i dont have a profit value. meaning on the first of may over here it is always a holiday so we have no profit. but my dimension is always calendarweek + weekday so so for example calenderweek 17 Monday was one in 2009 the first of may and in 2010 ist was the second of may(has profit) so my lines are not showing 0 for 2009 it is jsut being ignored and jumps automaticly to the next date.


      can someone help me how i can fix this?


      my tables are:

      Master claender with the columns Date, Weekday, Week, year, month


      and the table:

      movement with the columns Date (connection to master calender) , profit


      and movement has only lines for the dates where we had profit