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    Creating EMail Notification

    Thomas Mumaw

      Hi All,

      I am trying to create an email notification to notify my users when a QVW has been updated.  So far no luck.  I want it to contain a link to the QVW.  I found this in the help function of QMC.  My email does contain the DocTitle, DateTime, Location and that's it.  Where does the rest of the information get set?  (ResourceName, TaskName or JobName and Log).


      The contents of each template can be edited using html, using any of the following variables, which must be inside square brackets:

      [DocTitle], meaning the title of the document

      [DateTime], meaning the current date and time

      [Location], meaning the QlikView Server folder to which the document has been distributed

      [ResourceName], meaning the QVP resource to which the document has been distributed

      [TaskName] or [JobName], meaning the name of the task

      [Log], meaning the log of the task


      Here is what my email template looks like:


      Your document &quot;[DocTitle]&quot; has been distributed by QlikView Publisher.<br/>
      Location: <a href="[Location]">[Location]</a><br/>

      ResourceName: <a href="[ResourceName]">[ResourceName]</a><br/>

      Time: [DateTime]


      And here is what the finished email looks like:



      QlikView Publisher Summary





        2/5/2014 1:39:20 PM

      Subject: QlikView Publisher: Margin Analysis.qvw
        has been distributed


        Your document "Margin Analysis.qvw" has been distributed by
        QlikView Publisher.




        Location: Davey Accesspoints


        Time: 2/5/2014 1:39:20 PM


      I want the document to be a hyperlink.  Any help will be appreciated.