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    Data iteration problem

    Daniel Oberbillig

      Dear all,


      Please find attached my .qvw file with the following problem:


      I need to transform my source data fields in a certain way and I am pretty sure that I need an iteration function for that.

      Please be aware, that this is only a very simple and abstract way of displaying my data - the real case includes several thousand of categories and Value-Fields.


      Here is the problem:

      A,B,C are 3 different categories

      The Value-fields contain null,0 or 1

      Problem: the Value fields are not directly linked to the right category

      They have a placeholders X and Y that could be A,B or C

      The two fields X and Y provide the information if the value of Value_X and Value_Y belong either to A,B or C

      As a result I need a Value-Field for each category:




      Thanks a lot for your time and help.